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About Us

Stockxchange opened in June 2009 with the ethos of what one person may no longer love, someone else will.

Since then, we’ve become one of Edinburgh’s most popular ladies clothing/accessories agency.

We aren’t just a shopping destination, it’s the full shopping experience! Whether you’re here to shop for your favourite designer styles or to consign your own pre-loved goods, Stockxchange is committed to fulfilling all of your fashion needs!

How We Work

At Stockxchange, we receive items for re-sale on a daily basis, so when you get round to cleaning out your closet, there are some things to ask yourself;

1. Does This Fit?
2. Have I worn/used this in the last 12 months?
3. Will I wear/use this again?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, come and see us!

Things To Note

1. Your item will be of high quality
2. Stockxchange will set the price (This can be discussed)
3. You will receive 50% of the final selling price, although this can be negotiable on special items

Ladies Nights

We know how hard it is to try and get all of your friends together at the same time, so why not invite them to an exclusive ladies night and enjoy a fabulous evening with some fabulous items! (gentlemen also welcome.)

At the ladies night, you and your friends will be able to browse the shops entire collection, from Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chanel, Prada, Gucci, DVF and much much more!

We will provide drinks and nibbles for you and everyone will benefit from exclusive discounts on stock.

So whether it be for a birthday, a corporate event or a get together to catch up with friends, leave your details below and we’ll get in touch to arrange a date for you!

Opening Hours

Tues – 12pm – 4pm
Wed – 12pm – 4pm
Thu – 12pm – 4pm
Fri – 12pm – 4pm
Sat – 12pm – 4pm

Contact Info